A Guide to Renovating a Home in Spain

green renovation spain

There are three areas that you should research and be happy about before you buy your renovation project: legal constraints, financial constraints, and physical constraints. If you contact us before you buy we will go with you to inspect your project and produce a written report so you are making an informed decision before youContinue reading

A Guide to Buying Building Plots of Land in Spain

Guide to buying a plot Spain

In this article we discuss mainly planning regulations and legal issues which are a potential danger point for the unwary. We also offer a free written site appraisal that includes a visit to the plot, research into the planning regulations and a cost appraisal. We like to go with you to do this and weContinue reading

How Much Does it Cost to Build Villa in Marbella Spain?

The cost of building a home in Spain

This is the first question you will have if you are thinking of building a home in Spain. And the only way to answer the question honestly is with another question: “What house?” It’s like asking “how much does a car cost?” What car? Think of it like this. A simple bathroom tap can costContinue reading