Architects Fees Marbella and Costa del Sol

What does an architect charge in Marbella and the Costa del Sol?
Conventionally they charge a percentage of the build cost. While there are no mandatory rates almost all architects quote the standard rates of their colegio. The percentages vary according to the scale of the project. The Architects Colleges that supervise the architects in their regions provide extensive tables which show how the rates vary.

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It’s important to bear in mind that the build costs initially produced by the architect come from standard “build” rates provided by the colegio that are not related to the actual costs of the project. These build rates are just to calculate the architects fees and possibly the building license fee which is a tax paid to the local town hall. It’s called the P.E.M (Presupuesto de Ejecución Material del Proyecto). These cost figures are always lower than the actual costs of building out your project and can be the source of misunderstanding for the hapless foreigner.

Obviously it’s important to be clear what are estimates of the actual amount you might have to spend and what are the build costs just for the purposes of estimating fees.

It’s also important to find out at the beginning whether the town hall is going to accept these artificially low build costs at the basis for their license fee or whether, as has happened, they will demand to see the bills and actual costs of the project at the end and send you a bill for the difference.

Regardless of the final cost of the project the architect’s fees remain the figure which has been agreed.
Generally you can expect to pay between 5% and 17% depending upon the size of the project. If you chose Eco Vida Homes this would cover all professional fees throughout the design process, a geotechnical survey, a topographical survey, the technical architect and comprehensive project management.

I am currently writing an article explaining why these fees vary so widely (May 2017). If you want to discuss call me. I am always available on my mobile phone 0034 606380244.

If all this sounds a little complicated and daunting we pride ourselves in making the process simple, systematic and fun. Good communications is at the heart of this. here is a visual representation of how we run through the process: The Journey With Eco Vida Homes

Please note that when we quote you our fees we are totally transparent about how they have been been calculated and we show you the tables and calculations themselves so you know you are getting the best value for money.

How do you know your build cost will be competitive?

The answer is to go out to a competitive tender. Now it’s really important to understand how we work at Eco Vida Homes because there is no-one else in Spain that works like this. We include builders in our team and they work closely with us, and with you, right from the beginning of the design. It is because of this that we know we can always stay within your budget. Our building team, who really know how much things cost, will advise us as we go along of the best possible way of doing it. For example they know how many man days it takes to do things a certain way. All this is effectively without charge. Then, uniquely in Spain, we submit ourselves to an open tender process. You can nominate the other builders if you like. That is the only way you can be confident the prices we quote are the best possible prices and you aren able to compare them item by item with competitive builders in a transparent tender.

Ask to see examples of our projects completed and written testimonials from satisfied clients from Northern Europe.

What about the anteproyecto? How much is that?

An anteprojecto are initial designs and drawings showing the internal layout and orientation. It allows for detailed consultations to take place with the client and the planning authorities. You will be asked to pay for this in advance and this is quite reasonable. As soon as an architect puts a pencil on a piece of paper they are bringing to bear all their years of training and experience so do not underestimate the value of this.

How much do they charge? To be honest with you it varies enormously between architects and will vary enormously between jobs.

Here’s the snag. What if you don’t like the anteproyecto architect has done? They are OK because they’ve been paid for their time and they move onto the next job. You however have paid for something that’s useless to you. Should the architect be investing alongside you in this relationship so that if it goes wrong they hurt to? That way they have a powerful incentive to produce an anteproyecto that you do like.

What else is involved?

Here’s a list of items that also need to be taken into account: and which may account for the final list of professional fees being somewhat higher than you expected:
• Health and Safety
• 10 year warranty
• Quality Control in conjunction with the 10 year warranty
• On site waste removal
• Supervision of the works (Project Management)
• Legalization of installations
• Topographical survey
• Geotechnical survey
• Proyecto de Actuacion