How to Avoid Cost Overrun when Building a House in Spain

Eco Vida Homes Marbella Architects: its like grand designs only without the drama

Where would Kevin McCloud be without cost overrun? “NO WHERE!” I hear you cry. What with cost overrun and the builder going bust, winter coming on, and nowhere to live but the caravan…….. and the baby on the way……. We wouldn’t watch it if it weren’t for the drama. And its fine for the tellyContinue reading

How Much Does it Cost to Build Villa in Marbella Spain?

The cost of building a home in Spain

This is the first question you will have if you are thinking of building a home in Spain. And the only way to answer the question honestly is with another question: “What house?” It’s like asking “how much does a car cost?” What car? Think of it like this. A simple bathroom tap can costContinue reading