How to Repair Damage to Steel Reinforced Concrete in Spain

steel reinforced concrete

Most buildings in Spain are built using steel reinforced concrete. There are many reasons why damage can occur: poor design and specification, overloading, movement due to ground movement and fire to name a few.
Many people think you can simply remove the damaged material and replace it with any kind of mortar but this not the case.

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Building with a modern timber frame in Spain

Timber Frame House

Timber frame design and technology has come a long way in the last 40 years and Spain is slowly waking up to the benefits. These days, a modern timber frame building can actually outperform a reinforced steel concrete frame (which is almost the only Spanish house construction method) in most circumstances. While not totally unknownContinue reading

Off Site Construction Spain: Is it Green?

Off site Construction Spain

Modern timber frames, kit houses, prefab buildings and modular homes in Spain have a number of advantages but are they particularly green? Not necessarily. The thing is you generally have more control so they lend themselves to energy efficiency. The question of embodied transport related energy needs to be asked. This needs to include transportContinue reading

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