Top 10 Sustainable Garden Tips

Sustainable Garden Spain

When we plan a garden in Spain we like to create spaces for the different moods of the day: dappled shade, scents at night, spaces in full sunlight or for cooking and sharing a meal.

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A Fine Example of Energy Efficiency and Going Off Grid

Monte Rosa Refuge

The Monte Rosa Refuge in Switzerland I am fascinated by this building. Perhaps it is to do with my passion for skiing and adventure sports. Perhaps it’s because constructing a building in such an inhospitable environment is in someways like building a colony on the moon. Perhaps its the avant-guard architecture and state of theContinue reading

The Benefits and Dangers of Greening Your Brand

How to Green Your Brand

Going green sells! Macdonalds, Walmart, Hewlett Packard and many aggressive international brands make climate conservation claims. So it’s a no-brainer right? Well I think it is a no brainer but there’s more to be said than that. Surprising as it may seem going green encapsulates everything you should be doing as a ruthless business: eliminateContinue reading

On Site Sewage and Waste Water Management

On site waste water mangement Spain

What are our options if we are off the main sewerage system? With all these options we must bear in mind that the regulations in Spain are increasingly strict and the authorities may want to have a great deal of detail about the drainage arrangements. In all cases the appropriate solution will be limited byContinue reading

Healthy Heating Systems in Spain

Healthy Heating Systems Spain

Hundreds of Thousands of Years of Evolution If we think of our biological heritage we evolved with the sun and fire. Both deliver light and heat in the form of infra –red radiation. In terms of our evolutionary make up it is probably fair to say we react well to a source of radiating heat,Continue reading

Ubuntu – what can we learn from this?


An anthropologist proposed a game to the children of an African tribe. He put a basket of fruit near a tree and told the children that the first child to reach the basket could have all the fruit. When he gave the signal to start all the children held hands and ran together. They thenContinue reading