Grey Water Recycling Spain

Grey water recycling Spain

Potable water is environmentally costly. Dams may have been built and land sacrificed. The water will have been filtered, treated and possible pumped long distances before it arrives at your tap. Potable water is a valuable source. One comment has stayed in my mind which I heard during a recent water shortage. “There’s no shortageContinue reading

The Principals of Rainwater Harvesting in Spain

Rainwater Harvesting in Spain

Depending on who you listen to water supplies may become increasing erratic and water increasingly expensive. Generally speaking we need to get better at reducing our usage, retaining, and reusing water. It makes sense to find alternatives to the high grade drinking water that has been cleaned and filtered and pumped for great distances whenContinue reading

Eco Entrepreneurs in Spain Show Us How It’s Done

John Wolfendale and Eugenijus Sapel at Green Cities

Last week I visited Green Cities, the Energy Efficient Building trade fair, in Malaga. It was so inspiring to see these Eco Entrepreneurs in Spain really having a go despite the economic climate. They are creative people with great ideas, investing their time, emotional energy, and money to bring their product to the market andContinue reading

Spain is the California of Europe – its official!

Spain is the California of Europe

Look…… don’t expect me to give you anything like a balanced view. I am completely prejudiced … or rather post-judiced. After all I’ve been here long enough. I’ve travelled widely throughout the world, and I have chosen to live in Spain because it has everything. In fact Andalucia is the perfect place to live. ItContinue reading

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