Living in Marbella: Is it the best place to live in the world?

Marbella port

While the benefits of building an energy-efficient villa in the south of Spain are clear, many of our clients are keen to know what living in Marbella is actually like. Having travelled all over Spain (and in fact the world) and spent time in lots of different cities both for personal and professional reasons, we’veContinue reading

How to Buy Property Safely In Spain – really who can I trust?

Who can I trust in Spain?

There is so much bad press about buying property in Spain: illegal builds, the coastal law, corrupt planning officials, fraud, a cumbersome system that in practical terms offers no redress for people who have bought in good faith, that the question arises “how do you buy property safely in Spain?” and really “who can IContinue reading

Getting started – moving to Andalucia

When you first move to a new country you always have an idea of what your “new life” is going to be like.  I was no different when I went to Granada in Andalusia with our 2 year old daughter to join my husband, who had already gone ahead of us to start his newContinue reading

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