Plots in San Roque

San Roque View Eco Vida Homes

Imagine one of our homes on this plot with this view!! I was in San Roque this morning checking out some plots for their suitability for an Eco Vida home. It was absolutely beautiful. Warm sunshine, even in January, lots of lovely fresh air of the type you get at the top of a mountain

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How Much Should I Pay for My Plot in Spain?

How Much Should I Pay for My Plot

There are two principles to adhere to: 1) Don’t pay over the going rate in that area. 2) Have the finished project worth more than all the costs involved Don’t Pay Over the Going Rate In that Area In order to make sure you don’t overpay you are going to have to do some homework.Continue reading

How Much Should I Pay For My Plot in Spain?

In some ways it’s a bit like asking how much should I pay for a bottle of wine in a restaurant. Billy Connolly says it’s easy to choose wine because on the right hand side of the wine list is a how-nice-it-is indicator i.e. the prices. Some people talk as if buying a land plotContinue reading

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