Land for sale Alicante, Spain: The best locations to build a villa

Dreaming of your own custom-designed eco-villa in Spain and wondering if land for sale in Alicante might be the right first step?

Alicante offers all the best of Spain, from bustling urban jungles packed with trendy bars and fashion outlets, to natural landscapes that suit a more peaceful lifestyle in the sun.

As we’ve already covered land for sale on the Costa Blanca in a previous post, let’s now focus on one of the region’s more popular areas for building a house in Spain.

Is land for sale in Alicante right for my villa?

Land for sale in Alicante (Guadalest)

First of all, it’s important to establish the difference between Alicante city and the wider province of Alicante.

Within the province of Alicante, the most popular cities are Alicante, Elche, Torrevieja, Orihuela and Benidorm. Of course, these cities are wonderful places for top restaurants and attractions, but there are plenty of other hidden gems with quality plots of land and natural views that Eco Vida Homes recommends to clients.

If enjoying the Costa Blanca’s year-round warm weather is high up on your wishlist, you’ll find land for sale in Alicante that offers an elevated position perfect for setting up your home facing the sun (for optimal solar energy generation).

You can expect a mix of white and golden beaches in Alicante, as well as several historical landmarks and ruins you’ll never tire of exploring.

It goes without saying that Alicante receives its fair share of Spain’s tourists, so head for the rural areas if you’re looking to stay away from the crowds (while still being close enough to enjoy the airports, commercial centres and nightlife).

Vistahermosa: The clear choice for gorgeous scenery

Meaning “beautiful views” in English, it’s no surprise that Vistahermosa is one of the most sought after areas for building a villa in Alicante.

It’s perfect for those who favour a bit of greenery in their scenic views, as well as for active expats who plan to get out into nature for some fresh air and exercise.

Vistahermosa is close to the sea, with many plots for sale that overlook the Mediterranean, while still being within walking distance (five minutes) from the centre of Alicante city.

La Albufereta: Clean beaches and exotic wildlife

Situated right on the beachfront, the neighbourhood of La Albufereta is the perfect place to scout out land for sale in Alicante if sea views are a priority.

Views of the Mediterranean from a well-positioned villa in La Albufereta are arguably the most spectacular available in the whole of the Costa Blanca

Albufereta Beach – which was awarded a Blue Flag for its cleanliness and sustainability – is well worth living close to, and it’s very popular with the locals. Wildlife enthusiasts may spot falcons, foxes and even wildcats in the area.

The cost of land for sale in this part of Alicante is higher than the average, but you’re paying to be in one of the more upmarket parts of the region.

Cape Huertas (Cabo de la Huerta): Clear waters and coral reefs

Not far from La Albufereta, this coastal district of Alicante offers potential homebuilders land for sale away from the more built-up city of Alicante (15 minutes by car).

Those looking to build an eco-home in Spain will especially appreciate the area’s natural beaches that have been spared the overdevelopment of Alicante’s more urban districts. 

Cape Huertas boasts stretches of coral reef unseen on the touristy beaches, perfect for when your unspoiled view of the sea from your new villa just isn’t good enough and you need to get up close and personal with the scenery. The clear waters of the coves attract divers and snorkelers hoping to catch a glimpse of the area’s sea life.

Altea: Luxury living with a mild climate

Land for sale in Alicante (Altea)

We highlighted Altea in our round-up of the best places to look for land for sale in the Costa Blanca (more specifically, Altea Hills) but we’d be remiss not to mention the area as one of the best places to live in Alicante as well.

Altea enjoys a mild microclimate courtesy of the mountains that surround it, and while it’s still very popular with tourists, it’s a great choice for those who find the heat can get a bit too much for them (or you’re building an eco-home).

All these natural surroundings, as well as beautiful beaches, make for some stunning views. In fact, Altea’s own tourist website calls the area an “Instagram destination”.

Altea Hills has been an especially popular choice for Eco Vida Homes clients to put down roots due to the gated community, security and upmarket amenities. 

And if you’re moving to Altea with a young family, you’ll be a short distance from Altea International School, which teaches the British National Curriculum.

Gran Alacant: A popular choice for expats

The prestigious area of Gran Alicant offers some of the most in-demand land for sale in Alicante.

Situated just 15 kilometres south of Alicante city, the area is so popular with foreign investors buying land in Spain for home developments that many of the local streets are named after the most common nationalities (Carrer del Belgica and Avenida Escandinavia, for example).

However, Gran Alacant is not for those looking for a Benidorm-type lifestyle with nightclubs and beach parties (although it’s only a short drive from Torrevieja).

Views from this elevated district are what makes land for sale in Gran Alacant particularly sought after, although making your way down to one of the beaches (Carabassi Playa or Playas de Elche, both of which hold Blue Flag awards) requires a winding journey down the cliff.

Large buildings (five stories or more) are prohibited in the area due to the building restrictions of surrounding areas, meaning you’ll never run the risk of your villa in the sun being cast in shadow by a new high-rise development.

El Campello: White beaches as far as the eye can see

For elevated land for sale in Alicante looking over the sea, this suburb of Alicante is a good place to look for a plot.

El Campello is home to one of the best stretches of white, sandy beaches in the whole of the Costa Blanca, Playa San Juan and Playa Muchavista. Head to the north for more secluded coves (and where the most coveted plots lie).

It’s also home to one of the most prestigious international schools in the country, Lycée Français d’Alicante, which teaches in English, French and Spanish.

El Campello is one of the more expensive places to buy land in Alicante, especially the north. And it’s probably not the best choice for golfers, who’ll need to take a 15-minute drive to the nearest course.

Guadalest: A hidden gem in the hills

Land for sale in Costa Blanca (Guadalest)

Further away from Alicante in the Valencian region, nestled atop a mountain, lies Guadalest, a slightly more inland area with great views due to its high elevation.

The mountainous region offers breathtaking views of Alicante, as well as of the sweeping green valley below, peppered with olive, orange and almond groves.

Building a villa in Guadalest not only puts you close to the sea, but you’ll also be able to relax beside the natural beaches of the reservoir for a bit of variety.

Guadalest is famous for its medieval castle, which while having been a bit battered in an earthquake and during the War of the Spanish Succession (mine explosion), still stands proud above the village. 

How to decide where to buy land in Alicante

There are going to be many factors involved in your decision to buy land in Alicante: proximity to amenities, schools, views, cost, etc.

But ultimately, this is where you’re going to live, so you really need to make yourself a shortlist and visit the area yourself to find which town or village speaks to you.

If you’re already in a position to get your dream home villa started, it’s worth taking a chartered surveyor with you to assess the land and make sure it’s appropriate for your budget and the home you want.

Looking at land for sale in Alicante without experience in buying plots in Spain can feel daunting. Let Eco Vida Homes accompany you and conduct a FREE appraisal so you can rest assured you’re making a sound investment.

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