Spain is the California of Europe – its official!

Look…… don’t expect me to give you anything like a balanced view. I am completely prejudiced … or rather post-judiced. After all I’ve been here long enough.

I’ve travelled widely throughout the world, and I have chosen to live in Spain because it has everything. In fact Andalucia is the perfect place to live. It has great food (even in the railway stations). It’s sunny all the time which puts me in a great mood every day. It has beautiful mountains to wander around in and great beaches to lounge about on (or windsurf off). It has fantastic communications so I can get to the beach quickly or fly back to Blighty. I can go skiing, eat bangers beans and chips or chicken vindaloo if I fancy. Spain has great culture, great nightlife, great cities and it’s full of happy zippy people who just want to have fun. Oh…….and it’s a great place to raise children.

Really what more could you want?

The thing is it’s not just me. Eurostats have just published yet more figures that show that Spain is the top eurozone holiday destination as measured by the number of hotel nights by non residents. Here’s the full report:

Everyone wants to live here. As I said it’s the California of Europe.

Author: John Wolfendale