Survey Spain wins the AIPP award

Against considerable worldwide competition, Survey Spain Network WON the AIPP (Association of International Property Professionals) Award 2011 for ‘Most Outstanding Example of Customer Service’ (Associate).

John Wolfendale of Eco Vida forms part of the Survey Spain Network.

Survey Spain:-

* Comprises 14 Surveyors who live in the various regions throughout mainland Spain and its Islands;
* The Director and most of the Surveyors are fully qualified members of RICS (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors);
* All live in Spain and have many years of experience advising about property and its values and defects in Spain;
* They are completely independent of developers, banks, lawyers, property owners, etc;
* They work only for you with responsibility to act in your interests, complying with the training, standards and ethics of RICS;
* All reports to you are in English and before being sent out have been reviewed by a second RICS Surveyor;
* The Network headquarters is near Marbella on Costa del Sol.


· We enjoy applying our knowledge and experience on your behalf.

· Our work will be carried out as far as practical according to the RICS Valuation Standards. Clients should note that the valuation may be investigated by RICS in the future for the purpose of the administration of the Institution’s conduct and disciplinary regulations.

· A copy of our complaints handling procedure is available on our website.

· We take the attitude of a buyer intending to occupy the property and so check and report on the items that will affect proper enjoyment of the property in addition to the building and valuation elements.