Modern Renewable Energy Systems in Spanish Villas

Architect Marbella Eco Vida Homes discusses Modern Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable energy systems have in the past been associated with being weak, expensive, and unreliable. For many people the concept goes with eco-warriors living off grid in situations where they can’t have all mod cons. Well let me tell you. Things have changed! We are installing a renewable energy system in a modern villa thatContinue reading

In the Heat of Summer: passive cooling in Spain

Passive cooling Spain

It’s spring! Jackets are put away and terrace cafes are filling up. Soon the covers for the swimming pools will be removed and children are counting down to the school holidays as Spain prepares itself for the summer season. Right now we all enjoy the temperature with doors and windows open and lots of lovelyContinue reading

Air Powered Air-Con – How Cool is That?

air conditioning spain

Nothing seems more futile in terms of climate conservation than turning on a conventional air conditioning system.  It’s too hot so you burn fossil fuels which make the world hotter, possibly forever, in order to make your little box cooler temporarily. It’s like turkeys voting for Christmas. Happily science has made a lot of progressContinue reading