Keeping Up to Date with Insulation Technology in Spain

Building insulation Spain

A new generation of insulation materials has been developed and they are thinner and better.

As you know insulation along with solar orientation, window placement, shading and window technology, are key factors in determining the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

How do the new generation of insulation materials work?

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Underfloor Heating in Spain

Underfloor Heating Granada Spain

There is something magical about that warm glow underfoot. What are the advantages of under floor heat delivery over conventional radiators? Is it suitable to the climate in Spain? Firstly the only under floor heating systems that are of interest to us are those that pass water through coiled pipes. As far as we areContinue reading

Healthy Heating Systems in Spain

Healthy Heating Systems Spain

Hundreds of Thousands of Years of Evolution If we think of our biological heritage we evolved with the sun and fire. Both deliver light and heat in the form of infra –red radiation. In terms of our evolutionary make up it is probably fair to say we react well to a source of radiating heat,Continue reading

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) In Spain

Heat Recovery Ventilation Spain

An intelligent building isn’t one with a computer: it’s a building so designed that the computer has little to do. Passive Ventilation All good design should allow air to pass through a building. This is especially true in Spain where for most of the year you will want the windows open and to be livingContinue reading

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