How to Avoid Cost Overrun when Building a House in Spain

Eco Vida Homes Marbella Architects: its like grand designs only without the drama

Where would Kevin McCloud be without cost overrun? “NO WHERE!” I hear you cry. What with cost overrun and the builder going bust, winter coming on, and nowhere to live but the caravan…….. and the baby on the way……. We wouldn’t watch it if it weren’t for the drama. And its fine for the tellyContinue reading

Repeal of the Sun Tax Likely: Thank goodness for common sense!

sun tax PV panels

My wife is Spanish and in the interests of matrimonial harmony we have a rule which is you are never allowed to say “that would never happen in……(Spain / Britain)”. As I am sure you can imagine there are times when we are both challenged by this so please forgive me if I use my blog to let off steam and to say here what I can’t say at home. The sun tax idea is, and I choose my words carefully, the sun tax is ….

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Why Build Green In Spain

Eco Vida Green Home Spain

1. Build Green in Spain To Save Money
2. Build Green in Spain To Make Money
3. Build Green in Spain To Be More Comfortable

Build Green for Regulatory Reasons
I was going to tell you about the regulations but after more than 20 years living and amongst my Spanish cousins I have become anarchic like them….. to hell with the regulations!

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Green roofs in Spain: How they benefit the environment and your health

Green Roof Spain

Green roofs in Spain not only look incredible, but they can also go a long way to keeping your energy-efficient home comfortable. It’s why building a living roof garden is becoming an increasingly popular practice for eco-conscious homeowners – especially in Spain. Here are Eco Vida Homes’ eight persuasive reasons why green roofs in SpainContinue reading

A Fine Example of Energy Efficiency and Going Off Grid

Monte Rosa Refuge

The Monte Rosa Refuge in Switzerland I am fascinated by this building. Perhaps it is to do with my passion for skiing and adventure sports. Perhaps it’s because constructing a building in such an inhospitable environment is in someways like building a colony on the moon. Perhaps its the avant-guard architecture and state of theContinue reading

On Site Sewage and Waste Water Management

On site waste water mangement Spain

What are our options if we are off the main sewerage system? With all these options we must bear in mind that the regulations in Spain are increasingly strict and the authorities may want to have a great deal of detail about the drainage arrangements. In all cases the appropriate solution will be limited byContinue reading

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