Tiny House Design Inland on the Costa Blanca

Villa Design Costa Blanca

We are about to submit the building licence application for this “tiny house” inland on the Costa Blanca. Our client is a wellness consultant working for luxury hotels in the far East and this will be his refuge. His vision is to be completely connected to the land and to have almost no possessions. TheContinue reading

PV Panels for Solar Electricity in Spain

Photovoltaic panels in Spain

There are many reasons for wanting to generate renewable energy.Photovoltaic (PV) electricty is one source of renewable energy: Rising energy prices Climate change: its clean Compliance with the regulations Lower taxes as homes with good energy certificates are taxed less Income generation: when you’re not there your roof is generating income that can off setContinue reading

Keeping Up to Date with Insulation Technology in Spain

Building insulation Spain

A new generation of insulation materials has been developed and they are thinner and better.

As you know insulation along with solar orientation, window placement, shading and window technology, are key factors in determining the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

How do the new generation of insulation materials work?

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