Why Build Green In Spain

Eco Vida Green Home Spain

1. Build Green in Spain To Save Money
2. Build Green in Spain To Make Money
3. Build Green in Spain To Be More Comfortable

Build Green for Regulatory Reasons
I was going to tell you about the regulations but after more than 20 years living and amongst my Spanish cousins I have become anarchic like them….. to hell with the regulations!

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Building with a modern timber frame in Spain

Timber Frame House

Timber frame design and technology has come a long way in the last 40 years and Spain is slowly waking up to the benefits. These days, a modern timber frame building can actually outperform a reinforced steel concrete frame (which is almost the only Spanish house construction method) in most circumstances. While not totally unknownContinue reading

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) In Spain

Heat Recovery Ventilation Spain

An intelligent building isn’t one with a computer: it’s a building so designed that the computer has little to do. Passive Ventilation All good design should allow air to pass through a building. This is especially true in Spain where for most of the year you will want the windows open and to be livingContinue reading

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