Why Build Green In Spain

Eco Vida Green Home Spain

1. Build Green in Spain To Save Money
2. Build Green in Spain To Make Money
3. Build Green in Spain To Be More Comfortable

Build Green for Regulatory Reasons
I was going to tell you about the regulations but after more than 20 years living and amongst my Spanish cousins I have become anarchic like them….. to hell with the regulations!

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The Principals of Rainwater Harvesting in Spain

Rainwater Harvesting in Spain

Depending on who you listen to water supplies may become increasing erratic and water increasingly expensive. Generally speaking we need to get better at reducing our usage, retaining, and reusing water. It makes sense to find alternatives to the high grade drinking water that has been cleaned and filtered and pumped for great distances whenContinue reading

Is Wind Power in Spain Practical on a Domestic Scale?

Roof Mounted Wind Turbines - Good Architecture or Eyesore?

With rising energy prices and diminishing supplies of fossil fuels using the ambient energy around buildings for power generation is bound to increase. The question is: is wind power practical on a domestic scale in Spain? Spain is the fourth biggest producer of wind power after China, USA and Germany. On Nov 6th 2011, aContinue reading

4 Spanish Things that are Carbon Zero

4 Spanish Things that are Carbon Zero

I stumbled across a fabulous website on graphic representation by David McCandless, and got thoroughly distracted for an hour or so. Being a bit of an eco geek, one caught my eye about how much CO2 is produced by different things, many of which are day to day items http://visualization.geblogs.com/visualization/co2/ Like a gawker at aContinue reading

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