Repeal of the Sun Tax Likely: Thank goodness for common sense!

sun tax PV panels

My wife is Spanish and in the interests of matrimonial harmony we have a rule which is you are never allowed to say “that would never happen in……(Spain / Britain)”. As I am sure you can imagine there are times when we are both challenged by this so please forgive me if I use my blog to let off steam and to say here what I can’t say at home. The sun tax idea is, and I choose my words carefully, the sun tax is ….

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Electricity from Solar Energy – Harvest the Spanish Sun

Electricity From the Spanish Sun

Solar panels are not just for producing hot water. They are also used for producing electricity. With rapidly rising fuel costs the prospect of producing energy which is clean green and carbon free is becoming increasingly attractive. In Spain solar panels produce a lot of energy even in the winter when we get clear brightContinue reading