What Makes a Home “Green”?

What Makes a Green Home?

What makes a home green, eco, or sustainable? Here are the main features: 1. A green home doesn’t use fossil fuels. Fossil fuels contribute to climate change, are expensive, and can be dirty and smelly. 2. An eco home is energy efficient: i.e. they use less energy whether its fossil fuel energy or renewable energy.Continue reading

Grey Water Recycling Spain

Grey water recycling Spain

Potable water is environmentally costly. Dams may have been built and land sacrificed. The water will have been filtered, treated and possible pumped long distances before it arrives at your tap. Potable water is a valuable source. One comment has stayed in my mind which I heard during a recent water shortage. “There’s no shortageContinue reading

Architecture for Humanity Helps 81,000

Architecture For Humanity

Architecture for Humanity just posted their 2010 Year In Review “In 2010 over 81,000 people benefited directly from our work – not just inspired or influenced by the power of good design – but actually living, healing, learning or working in structures designed and constructed by our teams of building professionals. http://architectureforhumanity.org/updates/2010-12-26-2010-year-in-review Check out theirContinue reading

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