How to be Carbon Zero in Spain: Renewable Energy Systems

Heating system spain

This is how to be carbon zero in Spain. You can retro fit an existing house or use these principals for your new build. If you want to be green do this. It’s the biggest contribution you can make towards reducing climate change except for stopping flying and we know you’re not going to doContinue reading

PV Panels for Solar Electricity in Spain

Photovoltaic panels in Spain

There are many reasons for wanting to generate renewable energy.Photovoltaic (PV) electricty is one source of renewable energy: Rising energy prices Climate change: its clean Compliance with the regulations Lower taxes as homes with good energy certificates are taxed less Income generation: when you’re not there your roof is generating income that can off setContinue reading

Electricity from Solar Energy – Harvest the Spanish Sun

Electricity From the Spanish Sun

Solar panels are not just for producing hot water. They are also used for producing electricity. With rapidly rising fuel costs the prospect of producing energy which is clean green and carbon free is becoming increasingly attractive. In Spain solar panels produce a lot of energy even in the winter when we get clear brightContinue reading

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