The best suppliers of finishes in Marbella: kitchens, bathrooms, windows, floors, doors etc

Here are the names of some of our favourite suppliers for finishes:

We Can Work with any Supplier

You should know first of all that we can work with any supplier. So if you have a particular finish or material you would like us to use just let us know. Perhaps you have found a special offer or you have found something that is particularly attractive or you have a particular technology you would like us to install, no problem: we can work with any supplier so please shop around, have fun, and find that special item.

In any case if you use us the costs of materials are totally transparent. The specification we prepare has the exact model, unit cost, with the contractors margin also specified so you can see exactly where your money is going.

Please Note We Pass all Commissions on to You

You may be interested to know that we act only for you. That is to say we don’t accept commissions from any supplier regardless of the circumstances. We get offered them all the time because suppliers know our clients trust us and will listen to our advice. These payments are offered in such a way that you, the client doesn’t know about them. If we were to accept them it would distort our advice and although the payment of commissions without clients knowing about it is common quite frankly we think it’s dishonest.

The suppliers below know us well. They do offer us discounts which we pass on directly to our clients. We work with them because they are reliable offer good quality we have experience working with them and they have given us and our clients good service in the past.

How it Works

Quite often we will go with you in order to help you choose the quality / price mix and the style. If you go without us we can introduce you to the staff there in advance to they can look after you properly.

Remember if you buy them yourself you will pay 21% VAT. However if the general contractor buys them you pay 10% VAT. So the way this works is you choose the finish we specify it in the project that goes out to tender so the contractors use the exact model supplier and price.

If you would like us to choose all the finishes to sabe you the trouble we can. In fact we had one client recently who looked around one of our houses and simply said “do the same for me please” so all the floor tiles, the floors, doors, windows, kitchen et were all the same. If you would like us to show you around this house, in Guadalmina, let us know.

This is just a selection. There are many many more.

Kitchens (by the way the VAT on kitchens is 21% even if the contractor pays for it):
Schmidt Kitchens:
Floor tiles both inside and out:
Wooden Floors – link to follow
Sika (glass doors)
Guardian Sun (energy efficient Windows)
Bathrooms (also grey wáter recycling): Proinco
Shutters / blinds: Sunon
Insulation: Tecnol
Air Source Heat Pumps: Daikin
Solar Hot Water: Vaillant

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