Viva la Spanish Comida

Coming to Granada in Spain to do my internship at Eco Vida International, is my first time living in Spain and I didn’t know what to expect of the Spanish lifestyle. Coming from Denmark where you have breakfast in the morning, lunch at 12, and dinner at 18, it was quite a surprise to experience the Spanish time of eating.

Spanish Lifestyle at Eco Vida
Breakfast is also eaten in the morning, but then comes the siesta! The siesta is normally around 14 till 17, and one (me!) might think that this is the perfect opportunity to go shopping, but almost all shops close, and people either go home, out to eat and relax, or take a nap. I must admit I appreciate this break in the day. It forces you to kick back and relax and take time for yourself.

The Spaniards are very fond of the siesta and respects the relaxing time by not playing too loud music so not to disturb neighbors. Before the siesta you eat the biggest meal of the day or have many little tapas. After a great meal, a great nap is in its place, and one shouldn’t call a Spaniard during the siesta in risk of a very cranky interrupted “napper”. The danger, from my point of view, of the siesta is going to sleep and waking up the following day, – very disorientated!

If one manage to get up, in the evening one might feel a bit hungry, and then it’s perfectly normal to go out to eat or go for tapas anytime from 21 to 24! Granada has a special thing where when you order something to drink you also receive a free tapa. And let me tell you, it’s so delicious! Sliced egg-plant fried and drizzled with honey and a glass of tinto de verano (redwine with fanta) is one of my favorite tapas and drinks.

This being my first month in Spain, I know the list of favorite tapas will pile up, – and I’ll enjoy every bite of it!

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Author: Louise Johnsen

Bio: Louise is an intern at Eco Vida. She studies marketing management and economics at Niels Brock in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she is one semester away from receiving an AP Degree in Marketing Management.