Eco Vida Homes works with a team of international consultants to offer businesses around the world the benefit of its experience in designing and building energy efficient buildings.

The key principals that guide our thinking are:

Everything we do is energy efficient
We access the latest technology from Europe
  • Photovoltaic systems and roofs
  • Solar hot water
  • Bio digesters for recycling organic waste
  • Grey water recycling
  • Black water recycling and disposal
We understand the value of good design
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase comfort, health and well being
  • Reduce costs / increase efficiency
We are client focussed
  • We like to get into your head and understand your thinking and business culture to solve your problems your way: we are flexible
  • We will challenge your thinking if we think you are mistaken
  • We are independent advisors with no conflicting loyalties
We can take everything off your hands: but you stay in control
  • Step by step approach: you decide whether to take the next step
  • International project management: we can supervise building projects in different continents
  • Proven track record

Ask for details of our international project management, architecture, mechanical systems and engineering.

Example projects:
  • Self sufficient sustainable villages for agricultural workers close to their work
  • Self sufficient retirement communities: eco villages
  • Projects on sites that are environmentally sensitive where the natural beauty must be conserved and respected and the local flora and fauna protected.