This villa represents a dream come true for our clients: a couple from Northern Ireland. They had worked hard for many years with the goal to build their dream villa in Spain.

They have said that they absolutely love the villa. They also said they loved working with Domingo and Fran onsite because they treated it as if they were building their own home.

All the main rooms, bedrooms, and living room face south to the views of the Mediterranean.
There is a big impact when you walk through the front door and you stand under the double-height ceiling in front of the views to the sea that look, past the glass wall, over the shaded terrace and the swimming pool to the sea.

There is an open-plan living/kitchen/dining area, bathed in natural light, with a shaded terrace in front of the glass wall.

About our clients

William and Jo (names changed to respect their privacy) had big dreams for their villa in the sun. They had spent their lives in Northern Ireland building up the capital for the build in Spain and were finally ready to pack up and set off for warmer climes. But the couple needed some very specific features to cater for Jo’s health issues, and they had zero flexibility on budget…

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La Cala de Mijas Golf Aerial Tour
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The story

During our initial consultation, one thing was made abundantly clear: the budget that William and Jo had for their home was set in stone. However, the pair had a laundry list of custom features their villa would need to meet their needs and make it comfortable for them.

First, Eco Vida Homes helped evaluate the land to make sure they would be able to build their project for the budget they had set. With the plot being wide and flat, the couple could rest assured they wouldn’t face the kind of complications and budget increases inherent with sloped plots.

As we went through the design process deciding all the finishes and the mechanical installations, we inevitably bumped up against the budget limitation. What to cut (or better adjust) and what to keep. Eventually, we were able to trim back the specification to accommodate everything on their wish list without compromising on quality – and they were not disappointed with the result…

The villa definitely has the “wow” factor. Gorgeous views towards the Mediterranean: that take your breath away the moment you set foot inside the open-plan living area with double-height ceiling. Glass walls create a seamless inside / outside experience, and bathe the open-plan kitchen in natural light. And, of course, Eco Vida Homes made sure the entire house earned an A-grade energy-efficiency certificate to lower their carbon footprint.

With the entire project coming in right on budget, William was so satisfied that he decided to splurge. To celebrate, we added a little putting green and outside bar to make his lifestyle complete (and, of course, he also finds time to hit a few rounds at some of Marbella’s award-winning golf courses too).

Key features of the villa

Warm underfoot

Tiled flooring can help cool a home in the sun, but it can be chilly when the temperature drops. To make sure Jo didn’t suffer they installed energy-efficient underfloor heating for comfort throughout.

Splashing out

Both the private terrace from the master bedroom, the deep shade by the open-plan living room, and all the bedrooms, face the views across the pool to the Mediterranean. William and Jo can soak up the sun by the water, and then retire to the shaded terrace for ultimate outdoor living.

Private green

The long road of building a villa from scratch left William itching to loosen the purse strings a little. If he doesn’t fancy heading to the course, the keen golfer and his friends can sink a few in his own personal putting green, then sink a few in his pergola-covered bar.

With Eco Vida Homes you are in charge of the design. Our job is to make your vision a reality.

Full Cost Analysis Available: (not published here to protect our client’s privacy). If you contact me then, with our client’s permission I may be able to let you see a full cost analysis so you can compare with your own project.


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