The house

This house has an Energy Certificate Rating A which is still uncommon in Spain.

Energy efficient and other features include:

  • Solar hot water
  • Photo voltaic electricity
  • Underfloor heating and cooling. The cooling automatically cuts off before the condensation point is reached. The effect of underfloor cooling is one of entering a cave of a cathedral in the summer
  • Air source heat pump
  • Extra insulation rock wool and polystyrene combination for energy efficiency
  • Low emissivity glass
  • LED lighting
  • “Smart” demotic system that allows the systems to be operated remotely. The systems are operated from London and the house is comfortable on arrival
  • Independent temperature control for each room so it is possible on a spring day to have air conditioning at the front of the house and heating in a room at the back of the house
  • Leave the house button: one button the closes the security shutters, turns off all appliance including those on stand-by (except the fridge and freezer)
  • Music in every room
  • Infinity effect on the swimming pool to make the most of the spectacular views over the sea
  • Large open plan living kitchen dining area in front of a shaded terrace looking out across the infinity pool to the sea
  • Timber frame roof for pleasing aesthetics and to use a sustainable material
  • Low maintenance garden
  • Natural stone tiles on the terrace

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