Do you NEED the Tesla Powerwall battery?

Under some circumstances you probably do.

The key thing about this battery is that it has a high capacity and a high output (so you can run the kettle and the washing machine for example).

It’s also small, clean, and easily mountable on the wall.

Forget the old days of rows of kind of car battery type things full of acid backed up by smelly noisy dirty diesel generators that guff CO2 (unless perhaps you’re off grid when you might under some circumstances want a modern clean generator. That’s a different story)

Under the following circumstances I would say you need the Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery. By the way we are almost certainly going to install on in a new project in Torremolinos so by all means follow up and find out how we get on.

1. You have photovoltaic panels and can charge the battery easily which you can do if you live in Spain. In Spain its sunny most of the day and its sunny in the winter which means you can make better use of it than if you live somewhere further north. This means you can store a lot of free electricity.

2. You use a lot of electricity for example you run your heating cooling and hot water system using electricity or you run an electric car, or you heat the swimming pool using electricity. The point is that it make sense to invest in the Tesla battery (about 6000€) if you are going to save buying a lot of electricity from the grid.

If you use an air source heat pump to provide your heating cooling and hot water requirements and that is powered by a photovoltaic array that stores electricity in your Tesla battery then you are super energy efficient.

If you have an energy efficient house by design (thoughtful solar orientation, extra insulation, good doors e-coated windows) then you will be very comfortable and possibly carbon zero with very low running costs.

By the way the Tesla app that comes with the kit looks great. Here’s a video by a man who’s obsessed. He’s a bit mad but the video is informative.

Author: Eco Vida Homes is a team of Architects, Technical Architects, Builders, an Engineer, and a Chartered Surveyor. We help people design and build beautiful energy efficient homes designed for Mediterranean living in Marbella and Southern Spain. There are two things that make us stand out: a sharp focus on our clients’ needs and every we do is comfortable and energy efficiency. It’s like Grand Designs only without the drama.

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