Spanish villa designs: Inspiration for your new home in the sun

While you’ve likely already got plenty of ideas about what your dream home in Spain looks like, it’s important to research plenty of Spanish villa designs before making your final decision.

While you can rely on Eco Vida Homes to design your villa with energy efficiency in mind (as well as advise on the aesthetics), this is your home and it needs to reflect your personality and lifestyle.

So to get you in the mood, here’s a collection of Spanish villa designs that might just find their way into your finished home.

Villa exteriors

First thing’s first: what do you want your house in Spain to look like?

Eco Vida Homes has worked with clients that came to us with all kinds of different tastes, from modern Marbella villas to more classic Spanish villa designs.

But not all design choices are possible on every site. The land you decide to build your home on is going to be integral to the design and you may need to consider unconventional access and car storage to orientate the villa perfectly (these design challenges often become the owner’s favourite part of the house).

An Eco Vida Homes villa design in the Costa del Sol

A pitched roof gives your villa a more traditional look if you’re not planning on using the top of your house as an area to entertain or for a green roof. Slanted roofs are also ideally suited for installing solar panels.

A mix of classic and contemporary look defines this design in Benahavis

Big villa windows open it all up to make the most of the sunny weather and gives you great views of the pool and surrounding landscape.

Modern Marbella villa design with swimming pool

Deciding on how your villa will look on the outside takes a lot of time. At Eco Vida Homes, we recommend being cautious about working with architects who have a strong particular style in favour of someone who will design a villa in Spain that’s right for you.

Spanish home interiors

The benefit of building a villa in Spain is the outdoor living it affords you. But in reality, you’re going to be spending a lot of your time inside too, so getting the interior just right is essential for a comfortable lifestyle.

A lot of modern Spanish villa designs go for light colours, especially for homes with an inside/outside layout, as it reflects the heat and keeps the house cool.

When you go for this kind of a spacious design, you might want to leave room for a bold statement like a centrepiece statue that captures the mood you’re going for, or an ultramodern stairway.

Sometimes, the perfect plot of land in Spain comes with a natural obstacle right in the middle of the spot you want to build on – but why let that stop you? Eco-friendly homes in Spain look great when paired with nature, so you can actually work that ancient tree or rock formation right into the blueprints.

In fact, a recent Eco Vida Homes client decided to build their basement around a cliff face. It will become a secret wine cellar and bar complete with mood lighting that the client is very excited to see finished (and so are we, to be honest).

Natural cliff face blending into one of Eco Vida Homes' Spanish villa designs
Work in progress of the natural rock wine cellar

But you don’t have to seek out natural features for your villa in Spain. Great architects in Spain can bring that outdoor feeling into your home with water features and space for greenery that blends seamlessly with natural wood furniture and flooring.

Your interior design gives your Spanish villa a lot of its personality.

Eco Vida Homes supports its clients in choosing all the finishes to their tastes. Naturally, we are involved in the interior design and we can also work with independent interior designers to make sure the inside of your home works in harmony with the structure.

Villas designed for outside living

Good Spanish villa designs make the best use of the year-round sunshine (on the Costa del Sol, for example) and a culture that’s all about sharing food and drinks outside.

The look and feel of your outside area can make or break a dream villa in Spain. If you’re planning on a pool, why not coordinate the decking furniture to match for a refreshing splash of colour every time you step outside?

The outside area in your Spanish villa needs to be somewhere your family and friends feel drawn to with a good size table for tapas and drinks, mood lighting, and extra space so everyone can stretch out and relax.

Of course, you’ll want to design your Spanish villa around your environment. When buying land in Spain, try to imagine yourself gazing out onto the landscape (or seascape) and how that’s going to feel when you sit down with a glass of wine or cold beer in hand.

And let your imagination run wild when it comes to unique features. Energy-efficient homes can actually afford you a wealth of convenience, like a secluded natural-water shower to rinse off before and after you take a dip in the pool.

And if you’re looking for the wow factor, you’re going to need a water feature that takes your Spanish villa design to the next level.

Eco Vida Homes has years of experience collaborating with our clients on their Spanish villa designs to make sure the finished result is both beautiful and in tune with their lifestyle.

Swimming pool designs

There are a wealth of Spanish villa designs that don’t feature a swimming pool… But if you’re building a house in Spain, a beautifully designed swimming pool can be the pièce de résistance.

The shape of your pool is going to go a long way to informing the overall design. Think about how you’ll mostly be using your pool (the occasional morning dip or regular pool parties?) and pick a shape that’ll best suit its purpose.

Swimming pool filters can consume a lot of energy, so if you’re designing a Spanish villa with energy efficiency in mind, you might want to consider installing a natural pool so the plants clean the water and save you money at the same time.

Is your home in the sun going to feature heavily on your Instagram? If you’re the snap-happy kind of homeowner, make sure your pool is designed for the ultimate shot.

Then there’s the view to consider for when you’ve finished your swim and you’re ready to just float on top of the water and take it all in.

If not designed properly, swimming pools can actually devalue a home in Spain because of the work and expense to maintain them. But get it right, and an invitation to your house in the sun will be the hottest ticket in town!

How do you make your Spanish villa designs a reality?

Bringing your dream home in Spain to life is one of the most life-enhancing journeys you can embark on, but it’s important to do things right so you end up with a beautiful, comfortable home and not just a standard villa.

Viewing lots of different plots of land for sale in Spain will help you start to imagine what your views and day-to-day life will look like. It’ll also establish what’s possible as far as energy generation goes, both in terms of off-grid and on-grid supplies.

You’ll then want to work closely with your architect in Spain to flesh out your design concept before you can begin with the necessary paperwork to make your build legal.

But as long as you have the right team behind you to guide you on your way, almost anything’s possible.

If you’re ready to take your Spanish villa design ideas to the next level but don’t know where to start, contact Eco Vida Homes today so we can answer your questions and set you on the right path to a dream home in the sun.

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