Eco Vida Homes is proud to have been chosen by other property professionals to design and build their private villas

Here is a short list of selected respected property professionals that have chosen to trust Eco Vida Homes with their own projects. There are many other clients such as business people, professionals and retirees from Northern Europe and the Middle East. We have also included quotes from letters that have been sent to us by grateful and happy clients. Please ask to see the original letters.












  • "His advice ultimately saved me from making a costly mistake with a reform project"

    My dealings were mostly with John at Eco Vida Homes. Dealing with John was simple and straightforward – his advice ultimately saved me from making a costly mistake with a reform project. I appreciated his transparency with bringing up issues that would have been in his interest to hide. We will keep him on the contact list for the future too

    Scott M.

  • Extraordinary degree of attention

    We found that Domingo as an architect gave extraordinary degree of attention to every aspect of the project supervision. John responded to any questions or concerns that we had during the process and also was extremally helpful in making very structured evaluation of the properties and plots for the second project that we had in mind. The rest of the team -Alba, Ivan, Alzae construction workers –showed high degree of professional loyalty, responsibility and quality in their work for our projects. Our positive overall experience with the first project that we have completed with Eco Vida team motivated us for our second project currently in implementation.


  • No nonsense approach and really honest answers

    When we were looking for a plot in region Marbella we found Eco Vida Homes during our web search and contacted them. In John and Domingo we found good partners to ask our questions. We loved their no nonsense approach and really honest answers and estimations. Professionalism at the best! Highly recommend them to anyone with building plans.

    Maurice S

  • Takes pride in their profession

    I have been engaged with Luis and John in a villa project. I am finding them very professional. They are changing the way of building homes in Spain, the concept is one single point of contact, one contact which you can trust and who is very dedicated and takes pride in their profession. I will have no doubts in using them again. I have dealt with many companies in Spain and there is a big gap between companies with this quality level. Thank you. Kind regards Henrik, Costa Blanca.


  • Always making us feel incredibly comfortable

    We have loved working with the two of you. John, you were our first sense of realism when it came to Marbella property, helping us cut through a load of cr*p that others were spouting, never at all too salesy and always making us feel incredibly comfortable throughout the process. Domingo, you have been a total pleasure. By far and away our most favourite Spanish person in the whole of Marbella. Ellie actually wanted to call our house ‘Villa Domingo’ to pay homage to you, when we were getting a little excited and discussing names after having the offer accepted on the previous plot.

    Ellie and Sam

  • Sincere, trustworthy, detail-oriented

    When I first contacted John I wanted someone to enable the process, and put me at ease throughout the purchase. I could not have found a more sincere, trustworthy, detail-oriented, or personable professional to help me. I will definitely engage John's services over the coming years as I build my dream home. I can absolutely recommend John and his team as consummate professionals, with whom you can have every confidence. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone better!

    Bryan Hoare

  • Proactive approach

    A big advantage of EcoVida Homes was the proactive approach from the beginning by following up quickly on our request, answering some of our doubts, coming round to visit the property quickly, and really showing like they wanted to do the job. Also, professional approach, experience in Spain, and your people give us additional comfort we were working with the right company. We are very happy with the refurbishment and now have our perfect home in paradise re-designed the way we wanted it. People that visit us are always impressed with it. A great job by EcoVida Homes!

    Barry and Caroline

  • Hugely helpful and a pleasure to deal with

    Both John and Domingo of Eco Vida Homes have been incredibly helpful in assessing potential building plots and completed property for purchase. We have worked with architects in the past where creative instincts have got the better of the budgets set. With John and Domingo they were very clear upfront about what's deliverable from a given budget. Indeed, blending the architectural services with quantity surveying should be how everybody works and its precisely what we needed to compare the cost of a new build with an existing property, in order that we could plan. Based on our experience to date, I would not hesitate to recommend Eco Vida. They have been hugely helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks very much indeed chaps.

    Barns Geib

  • Great to Work with

    “Domingo has not just been our architect and project manager but he has been our guiding light, fail safe, backstop, confident and friend”

    David.H. from Bermuda

  • Focussed on their Client’s Needs

    “they treat the project like it is their own project, own money, and with great pride and professionalism, reliability, overall ownership and accountability”

    David.H. from Bermuda

  • A Code of Ethics Old School and Rare

    "Domingo is very competitive and honest with his pricing. Where many builders or suppliers will take a percentage from other trades and then add this on to the customer invoice Domingo does not. He has a code of ethics which is very old school and rare to find these days. There are no surprises to your budget at the end of the build again something which is unusual."

    Kate and Mike, London

  • Willing to go the Extra Mile

    "Domingo was always willing to go the extra mile. We are most impressed with his close attention to detail and also his ability in identifying potential problem areas well in advance while at the same time taking advantage of opportunities to improve the existing design and build."

    Mike and Brenda W South Africa

  • Trusted by other Property Professionals

    "I personally have a good deal of experience with construction works and I have no hesitation whatsoever in strongly recommending Domingo. This job was one of the easiest and simplest projects from start to finish I have ever been engaged in."

    Mr Maurice D. Ireland

  • First Class Work

    "The standard of work was first class and on more than one occasion an issue that would not otherwise have been noticed was brought to our attention and remedied without further charges being incurred."

    Mr Maurice D. Ireland

  • Wrap Around Service

    "Your masterly understanding of the local building regulations and planning procedures has helped get our design speedily through what could have been a bureaucratic nightmare."

    Mary and John S. Cardiff. Wales

  • Honesty and Integrity

    "Domingo is a man of honesty and integrity whom I would recommend to anyone contemplating a building project in Spain."

    Mr Michael F. Yorkshire England

  • Best in Class builders around the Globe

    “there are several attributes I have seen actively and frequently demonstrated by Domingo, Fran and the team, that put them in best class based on my experience with builders and contractors around the globe”

    David.H. from Bermuda

  • In Pursuit of Excellence

    "Another factor worth noting is that they frequently bounce ideas between themselves and challenge themselves on options and new ways such that they are always looking to provide a better product”

    David.H. from Bermuda

  • They are Always There for You

    "I have seen ample evidence of Fran and his team helping out post completion where things need tweaking or helping out on a few things long after the project is completed the point being is that they are always there for you and I am sure they will always be there for us and our partnership and friendship will continue to flourish long after our project is completed”

    David.H. from Bermuda

  • Zero Cost Creep

    "We received an extremely detailed work plan for each line item and associated costs. Once those costs are agreed they are agreed. We have experienced zero cost creep unless they were enhancements specifically added by us and then signed off as part of the plan. As such I had complete confidence in the project."

    David.H. from Bermuda

  • Professional Integrity

    "The Key thing is you can trust these people. You know they are on your side. I believe in the professional integrity of Eco Vida Homes."

    Mr J. A. of Kuwait

  • The Conservative Perfectionist and the Pragmatic Adventurer

    "He's a great guy and such a professional. He Works with a builder called Fran also Spanish who runs a team of artisans who work brilliantly."

    "Domingo and Fran work well together as a team. Domingo the conservative perfectionist and Fran the pragmatic adventurer. Worked so well for me”

    Pat Kelly

    Client of a project in Calle Renoir Marbella

  • Exemplary in Conscientiousness and General Attitude

    We found Fran and all of his team who worked on the house to be exemplary in terms of their conscientiousness and general attitude. They were a pleasure to have around and were scrupulous in their efforts to avoid unnecessary dirt and dust and keep the work area clean.

    Mr Maurice D. Ireland

  • Honest and Trustworthy

    Domingo is patient, diligent and creative and above all else completely honest and trustworthy.

    Anne & Bob D. Portugal

  • Professional Artisan Builders

    Fran and his team are a truly professional group of artisan builders. Fran played a very substantial creative role in the reformation decisions often providing a balanced counter to Domingo’s views but always arriving at a pleasing conclusion

    Mr Pat K. Kuwait

  • Outstanding Job in Realizing our Dreams

    "Domingo did an outstanding job in realizing our dreams whilst maintaining a voice of reason always fully explaining the practical ramifications. He maintained the perfect balance between creative proposals and practical solutions. He also showed remarkable patience when our responses were late due to a good many instances of indecision on our part. The end result in both instances is a beautiful modern living space matched by practical and enduring quality."

    Mr Pat K. Kuwait

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