Building a home in the Costa Tropical

It’s called the Costa Tropical because of all the tropical fruits that are grown locally. In the summer you can smell them as you travel inland close to the coast. It’s the world centre of cherimoyas and avocados. Bananas grow wild along the roadside.

Planning to move to Spain for a taste of culture rather than the tourist traps? The Costa Tropical may be the location you’re looking for to build a villa that blends right in with the natural landscape.

Almuñecar is the tourist hub of the region (and where the main international school is based). Its hilltop setting allows for breathtaking views of olive groves and valleys or, of course, the Mediterranean Sea. But there are many other hidden gems to discover along the Costa Tropical…

La Herradura next door is quiet and unspoilt. Its horseshoe shaped bay means it’s always sheltered and the sea is often cleaner than the neighbouring town of Almuñecar. Next door is the up-market area of Punta de la Mona and close by the lovely Marina D’Este.

Buying land in Costa Tropical the right way

If you want your home close to the main hub of the Costa Tropical, look for plots in the largest town, Motril. For something a little quieter, the seafront village of Salobrena, known as the “jewel of the Costa Tropical”, should be on your list of areas to look into.

It can be daunting even knowing where to start with evaluating land for a home build if you don’t know the area. If you’re not sure exactly which area of the Costa Tropical to buy land in, let Eco Vida Homes arrange some viewings for you. We can also do an informal evaluation of the plot at the same time with no obligation to build your villa with us.

An eco-friendly architect’s playground

From small, seaside villages that have managed to avoid the hoards of sun-seeking tourists, to the hustle and bustle of La Herradura, a good architect in Costa Tropical will know how to make the best use of the unique area to make your home something very special.

Eco Vida Homes top tip: for views that will definitely make building your own home in Spain from scratch worth it, La Herradura and Salobreña are safe bets for a tranquil environment that’s a little different from the typical resort areas.

A luxury golf course with a sea view

Whether you’re interested in sinking a few on its 18-hole course, or at its exclusive beach club, Los Moriscos Club de Golf is one of the more luxurious resorts on the Mediterranean. If its tree-lined course isn’t enough of a view to take in, just look to your right for a panorama of the deep blue sea.

If golf is a big part of what you’re looking to spend your time doing in your new life on the Costa Tropical, let Eco Vida Homes do the legwork and help you find a plot that’s walking distance from your favourite course.

Calming waves of Costa Tropical beaches

Hoping to spend your days relaxing on the beach but don’t need the hassle of tourists crowding around you? The Costa Tropical may be a better option than the neighbouring Costa Del Sol as a more tranquil setting for your villa.

While there are beach parties and nightlife on offer, the Costa Tropical is more a post for those looking to kick back with nature. La Rijana, for example, is a quaint little cove with clear water for snorkeling, while you may even be lucky enough to spot a school of dolphins at La Mamola.

Authentic Spain: Costa Tropical’s rich history

High-end fashion and cool nightspots are not exactly what the Costa Tropical is known for, so if partying into the early hours is your thing, this might not be the Spanish region to set up your new lifestyle in.

But if stepping into the past and getting to grips with authentic Spanish culture is how you see yourself living, then there are a wealth of historical attractions including Moorish castles and Roman aqueducts to explore.

International schools in Costa Tropical

Almuñecar International School offers English National Curriculum education to children aged 3 to 19 and is affiliated with the NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain).

The school has a strong focus on its “international perspective to learning” and is proud of how it prepares its students for the world at large.

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