Where on Earth do you want to live?

Step 1

Find the ideal location

Free site appraisal

If you have found a plot you are interested in let’s look at it together.

You already have a plot?

Let’s meet on site to discuss the opportunities.

Plot finder service

Let us find the ideal plot for YOU. Take a look at our pre-researched plots or ask about our plot finders service.

Let the fun begin;

Step 2

The Design Concept

Get Inspired

We work hand in hand with you to produce sketches for your home that match your life style. We discuss the appearance, layout and solar orientation.

What is possible?

We produce a complete set of costs estimates so you make informed decisions and stay within budget. This means no nasty surprises later on.

We check out planning regulations, provision of services, and carry out a site appraisal.

You control the costs

Our construction team are involved from the outset producing cost estimates so together we find cost effective solutions that save you time and money.

Create your vision for a better way of living;

Step 3

Full Design

Let it flow

We take great care to integrate the interior, the garden, the flow, to match your lifestyle. We discuss the finishes, floors, doors, windows etc.

The vision takes shape

Scale plans and drawings bring your vision to life. This is the proyecto basico in the Spanish legal system. It is approved by the College of Architects and we use it to apply for planning consent.

You control the costs

We work with our construction team and engineers to stay within budget and allow you to make informed decisions.

Tying up the details;

Step 4

Finishes & bureaucracy


You decide on the finishes: floors, windows, doors, kitchen and bathroom furniture. We may visit some of our completed projects to see examples in situ and so you can see the quality of our work.


We deal with all the bureaucracy and paperwork. We produce the detailed specification and bill of quantities that comprises the proyecto de ejecucion in the Spanish legal system.

Planning consent

We obtain the Building Licence, approval from the College of Architects.

Let it Grow;

Step 5


The Best Contractor and the Best Value for Money

Our Building Team competes in an open competitive tender process and you decide which contractor to use. This way you know the costs are competitive.

Site Operations

We build your new home with careful attention to detail and energy efficiency. We meet all legal obligations: building regulations, health and safety, and waste disposal.

Professional Supervision and Keeping You Updated

We supply you with regular photographic and video reports. You don’t even need to be in Spain. We deal with everything. We connect the utilities and hand over the keys along with a dossier with all the licences and documentation and you can enjoy the comfort of your new home.

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