You’ve got your land and....

….you’re looking for the right team to design and build your villa. Let’s meet at the land / plot to discuss your vision and get your questions answered.

We can show you examples of our work and discuss practicalities. We handle all aspects of the design, bureaucracy, licenses, and approvals, the details of all the finishes, the competitive tender the we supervise the construction for you.

If we tick each other’s boxes we can get started.

Contact us to make an appointment.


You’ve found some land and want professional advice before buying

Let us do the “due diligence” for you and make sure you can build your vision legally and within budget.

  1. We can visit the land, give an architect’s opinion on your vision with respect to the land its orientation and aspect.
  2. We can prepare a Development Appraisal analysis with cost estimates including taxes, professional fees, insurance and all costs.
  3. We can check out the planning regulations for that particular plot and  get a report in writing from the local authority on the land’s staus. If necessary we can meet the local planning officer on your behalf to clarify any uncertainty.
  4. We can give you our opinion on whether a geotechnical and topographical survey is necessary and if so, organise it for you and, comment on the reports.
  5. We can research asking prices on a comparable basis and comment on the asking price.

Get in Touch for a Quotation.

Let us show you a clear pathway from where you are now to making your lifestyle transformation real.


Not found the land yet ? Let us help you put everything together

Let us put the land and a Design & Build package together for you.

Would it help if we were to present you with a dossier containing some land + villa designs, cost estimates and background information such as location, communications, schools, shopping? In some areas we can do this. Ask to see an example.

In some areas we can introduce you to a real estate agent, who can help you with your search.

We can systemise your search for you.  Ask about how we can do this.


Maybe you are at an early stage in your journey

Get in touch with us. We are happy to share what we know. Maybe you’ve got an amount you might spend in your head but no-idea what you can get for that money. We can help you with that and also with………………

  1. Advice on how to look for land, how to engage estate agents, how to set your budget, how the planning system works, what you can get for your money.
  2. We can introduce you to trusted estate agents and we may even know about suitable land that is for sale.
  3. Comment on estate agents details of land you are interested in buying.
  4. Show you how to use the catastral website which is a really useful tool.

Get in touch and tell us about your plans

With Eco Vida Homes you are in charge of the costs.

Our job is to make your vision a reality.


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