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Write Your Vision Statement

(assuming you are looking for land to buy)

Help us help you by using these questions to tell us about your vision for your villa in Spain.

If you don’t have the answers that’s fine. Use the questions as tools to think about what you need.

If you don’t yet have a plot we can help you establish a budget range for your plot and get started with your search. We may know of suitable plots.

We follow up with a meeting perhaps at your plot or a plot you are thinking of buying.

Then we send you a detailed development appraisal with cost estimates, taxes, and professional fees for further discussion. It is a complete list and, although many of the numbers are estimates, there are no nasty surprises later. 

We encourage you to ask questions about the numbers so you are fully informed.

You can use the development appraisal to have an informed negotiation on the price of the land.

Our aim is that you are totally comfortable with the numbers before you get started.

1The Land
2Your Home
  • 1. The Land or Building Plot You are Looking For or Already Own

  • Location

  • Size Of Plot

  • Neighbourhood characteristics

  • Orientation and Views

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