4th Nordic Passive House Conference

PHN11 Helsinki conference is the 4th conference in the Nordic series of seminars on passive houses. The first conference was held in Trodheim (Norway) 2008, the second in Gothenburg (Sweden) 2009 and the third in Aalborg (Denmark) 2010. The themes for PHN11 are based on the conclusions from the Aalborg conference.

4th Nordic Passive House Conference is welcoming new and innovative solutions for

•focusing on the user experience
•ensuring good indoor climate and avoiding moisture problems
•creating better incentives for ambitious energy renovations
•seeing the building as a part of the overall energy system
The aim of the Nordic Passive House conference series is to share knowledge and find new solutions for very low-energy and nearly zero-energy houses. The conferences gather along North-European building professionals increasing the awareness and acceptance of very low-energy houses in construction market.

4th Nordic Passive House Conference is connected to World Sustainable Building Conference SB11 arranged from 18th to 21st October 2011. The conferences will have mutual sessions about nearly zero energy buildings on 18th October, mutual exhibition day on 18th October and excursions on 19th October.