Healthy Home Design for Children

A Home for bringing up children

When we are designing a home that children might grow up in there are one or two things we should bear in mind. In some ways building a house can be a metaphor for nurturing a child’s development. When you design and build a house you only have one go at laying the foundations andContinue reading

Healthy Paints and Varnishes

Sustainable paints Spain

In this short article I give an overview of the key issues. It’s a huge subject and this is a brief summary. #healthyhousedesign There are two key aspects: 1. The toxins and VOCs emitted by some paints are bad for your health 2. The “sustainability” of the materials and their manufacture could form part ofContinue reading

Ergonomics and Healthy Villa Design

ergonomics #healthyhousedesign

“Ergonomics” what does it mean? Good ergonomics is kind of making everything fit both physically and psychologically. For example in a traffic jam the cars don’t fit. You could say the ergonomics of the road design are bad. A human skeleton has to fit an office chair – that’s ergonomics. In your kitchen design thinkContinue reading

Plants and a Healthly Villa Design

House plants and well-being

“Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” : Hans Christian Andersen Plants are nature’s eco-friendly living air purifiers with scientific evidence to back this up. So plants should be part of your #healthyhousedesign. Why? Plants re-balance the carbon / oxygen mix Modern construction techniques are making homes increasinglyContinue reading

Design for Healthly Acoustics

design for acoustic comfort

Healthy acoustics is certainly taken very seriously in the work place. Studies show that in well-designed acoustic environments students study more effectively, patients recover faster, productivity improves, and stress is reduced. #healthyhousedesign The human ear developed in a natural environment mainly to warn us of danger and understand speech. The modern environment presents many challengesContinue reading

Healthy Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems in Spain

In Spain we have a cooling problem in the summer. If you’re from Northern Europe don’t underestimate this. In July and August it can be, quite simply, too hot. #healthyhousedesign In winter, spring and autumn temperatures can vary widely even in the course of a single day. When the sun is out you can beContinue reading

Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) and Your Health

electro magnetic fields

It’s a tricky topic this one because opinions are deeply held and polarised. Let’s start with a quick summary of the facts and issues and then I will try to choose my words carefully: #healthyhousedesign Electromagnetic fields are generated by 1. Power lines 2. Electrical wiring in buildings 3. Electrical devices Normal bodily function includesContinue reading

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