Design for Healthy Temperature and Humidity

Indoor humidity

A healthy room temperature is between 19 and 20 degrees about 68 degrees Fahrenheit (YAWN!). The bedroom should be about 2 degrees lower for a good night’s sleep because your body temperature naturally lowers during sleep (DOUBLE YAWN (irony intentional)). Much more interesting is what is will be the temperature on the Starship Enterprise usingContinue reading

Design Your Villa for Clean Air


We tend to think of ourselves as safe inside our modern homes. We walk through our front door and we shut out all the nasty things outside: the weather, air pollutants ………. office politics and we feel we can relax and be safe. #healthyhousedesign Unfortunately maybe there are some nasty things inside our home thatContinue reading

Natural Light Design Features for Health and Well Being

natural light in the home

We all know that light affects our moods. If you wake up and it’s a sunny day you can feel full of joy and the whole day rolls out well. Wake up and it’s cold and grey and the opposite happens. Sunshine! It’s one of the reasons we Northern Europeans are living in Spain: #healthyhousedesignContinue reading

The Importance of Light in Your New Build Villa Marbella

Passive House Windows in Spain

Here is a question for you………: Is light the single most important feature that affects your mood in your home? If it is then is it therefore the most important mood factor in your house altogether: daylight, glass walls, light wells, skylights and artificial light and………., the big one in Spain, shade. We all instinctivelyContinue reading

Healthy Heating Systems in Spain

Healthy Heating Systems Spain

Hundreds of Thousands of Years of Evolution If we think of our biological heritage we evolved with the sun and fire. Both deliver light and heat in the form of infra –red radiation. In terms of our evolutionary make up it is probably fair to say we react well to a source of radiating heat,Continue reading

Design a Home in Spain for Good Health

Healthy Indoor Garden

Designing and building for good health doesn’t seem to be a priority for architects and builders in Spain. Why is that when healthy living permeates our lives in so many other ways: healthy diet, taking exercise, organic food, 5 a day, alternate therapies and so on? We know a lot about unhealthy homes. We knowContinue reading