Do you NEED the Tesla Powerwall battery?

battery for solar power

Under some circumstances you probably do. The key thing about this battery is that it has a high capacity and a high output (so you can run the kettle and the washing machine for example). It’s also small, clean, and easily mountable on the wall. Forget the old days of rows of kind of carContinue reading

Passive House and Airtight Homes in Spain

Passive House Windows in Spain

Passive House (Passivhaus) is probably the worldwide leading standard for energy efficient buildings. It is a concept that has come out of Germany where the principal problem is keeping your home warm in the winter. Effectively no heating is required in a passive house even though it may be minus 10C outside. In Spain thereContinue reading

Energy Efficient Windows in Spain

energy efficient windows spain

Getting this right is not only crucial to the energy efficiency of your villa but also to the comfort and appearance of your home. Heating and cooling consume by far the greatest proportion of household energy use. Data from the European Aluminium Association estimates that 40% of the heating energy lost from homes escapes fromContinue reading

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