A tree house in the garden – wouldn’t you just love one?

A few years ago an old friend, who I don’t see very often, sent me a book on tree houses. There was no reason. He just sent me the book because he knew I would love it. What a great present! What a great friend!

I have never lost my childhood fascination for tree houses. They seem exciting and mysterious. They also seem natural and close to nature.

I am just waiting for the client who says “oh and by the way we want a tree house in that old tree there. Do you think it can be done?” Wouldnt that be great!

Why do I love tree houses?
They are exciting and mysterious. When you are a child in your tree house you are on your own in your den where maybe no one can find you. It’s secretive and there is a slight sense of danger.

You are out in nature close to the wind which you can hear in the leaves and on your skin. There maybe a view of the garden or the house or the surrounding countryside. There maybe wild life, birds, squirrels, foxes, owls and so in.

For me the best tree houses are high, you can sleep in them, and slightly concealed (that’s my criteria). For example:

There are plenty of tree house hotels springing up around the world if that’s you bag.

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