On Site Sewage and Waste Water Management

On site waste water mangement Spain

What are our options if we are off the main sewerage system? With all these options we must bear in mind that the regulations in Spain are increasingly strict and the authorities may want to have a great deal of detail about the drainage arrangements. In all cases the appropriate solution will be limited byContinue reading

Off-site Construction In Spain: Fast, Clean and Efficient

off site construction spain

Building sites in Spain can be disorganized places and are subject to the vagaries of the weather and varying skills of a transient work force. These days, you can construct most of your building inside a factory and then assemble the pieces on site. The result is a higher quality building and far shorter constructionContinue reading

Renovate Your Home in Spain with Care

Home Renovation Spain

It’s important to recognize the age and construction of the building you are renovating. There are significant differences between how some older buildings and modern buildings will respond to insulation and airtightness. Older buildings in Spain with thick solid walls may have been built with permeable fabric (stone, earth and brick) that both absorbs andContinue reading

Cost Effective Energy Efficiency Villa Construction

energy efficient construction

The Institute for Building Efficiency has recently issued a brief called; European Union: Cost Effective Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Among other things, the brief addresses an interesting issue between the implementation of energy efficiency at micro and macro level. In the executive summery it says: “what is cost-optimal in terms of achieving energy and climateContinue reading

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