5 elegant villa designs custom built to the owners’ lifestyles

Salobrena House exterior

The best villa designs are those that put the owner at the forefront and revolve around their lifestyle. That’s why Eco Vida Homes is an architect in Spain that prides itself on going above and beyond to deliver luxurious, energy-efficient homes. Whether your villa design ideas demand rooftop parking, a basement cinema, or a specialContinue reading

Spain is the California of Europe – its official!

Spain is the California of Europe

Look…… don’t expect me to give you anything like a balanced view. I am completely prejudiced … or rather post-judiced. After all I’ve been here long enough. I’ve travelled widely throughout the world, and I have chosen to live in Spain because it has everything. In fact Andalucia is the perfect place to live. ItContinue reading

Getting started – moving to Andalucia

When you first move to a new country you always have an idea of what your “new life” is going to be like.  I was no different when I went to Granada in Andalusia with our 2 year old daughter to join my husband, who had already gone ahead of us to start his newContinue reading

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