Five Steps to a Custom Designed Villa and How Long it Takes

It can take beteen 16 and 23 months between getting started with us and moving in with the furniture

The main uncertainty is how long it takes the local authority to issue the building licence. This varies between municipalities and can be anything between a couple of months (e.g. Benahavis town hall) to over a year (e.g. Marbella town hall).

Here is a rough time line:
Step 1: Finding and evaluating the plot This could take a few months
Step 2: Initial Designs (the anteproyecto). This is done hand in hand with you. We iterate until you are satisfied it say 2 to 3 months
Step 3: Plans for the building licence application say 1 month
Building licence approval from the town hall which is the main uncertainty say…………….. 6 months
Step 4: The execution project which is the detailed specification and working drawings. We do this while waiting for the building licence to be approved. It could take 2 or 3 months but will probably be less than the time it takes for the town hall to issue the licence. We also send the project out to a competitive tender. Concurrent with building licence approval
Step 5: Construction for a conventional structure could be 12 to 14 months. For a modular timber frame structure could be a lot less, say 7 months. We supervise the works for you and issue the architects certificates against which the contractor is paid monthly. 14 months
or 7 Month
Total, say……………….. 16 to 23 months

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