Modern Marbella villas can be both eco-friendly and luxurious

Designing a modern villa in Marbella has amazing benefits for new home builders in terms of how far you can make your budget stretch.

But it’s easy for those looking to invest in the region to become so enamoured with the design choices available for the home of their dreams that they overlook the fact that energy efficiency is a prime concern among luxury developers these days.

Deciding between a modern villa that is energy efficient and lowers your carbon footprint, or going all-out luxury has become far easier for the savvy Marbella villa builder – because for true luxury, you really need both.

Energy efficiency and luxury go hand-in-hand

Outdoor seating at Villa Ligera
Photo: Facebook/Villa Ligera

Designing energy-saving features into your Marbella villa doesn’t mean going without all the mod cons – in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Eco Vida Homes has been making it clear with their thoughtful designs that the lifestyles of luxury villa owners in Marbella actually benefit from being energy efficient.

To illustrate that, let’s look at an example of a modern Marbella villa that perfectly marries luxury and environmental friendliness.

Villa Ligera: a truly modern villa in Marbella

Marbella's Villa Ligera from the outside
Photo: Facebook/Villa Ligera

Villa Ligera in Las Chapas, to the East of Marbella, is a carbon-neutral villa that generates at least as much energy as it consumes.

But just because it’s carbon neutral doesn’t mean its owners are forced to wear an extra jumper in the winter or have to wash their clothes in the sea. Villa Ligera is packed to the rafters with modern conveniences and luxury machinery: heated pool, washing machines, tumble driers, electric ovens, underfloor heating, air conditioning, and lots more besides.

The modern villa’s energy needs are taken care of by the rejuvenating Marbella sunshine, gathered by photovoltaic panels and stored in batteries to make sure the place gets all the energy it needs – even if a little cloud happens to pass overhead. Designing a villa to be carbon-neutral right from the initial planning stage goes a long way to offsetting the cost of building a house in Spain.

Solar panels make the most of the Spanish sun

Solar panels
Photo by Mariana Proença on Unsplash

While the Mediterranean is a Mecca for modern villas, Marbella is an especially sought-after location for those that wish to harness the power of the sun to keep their home running.

The sunkist city is a prime location for building a luxury villa for obvious reasons, but its exposure to natural resources like year-round sunshine and coastal winds gives architects in Marbella the freedom to build homes that are truly energy efficient.

Buying land in Spain for your modern villa project is a smart move if you’re looking to take advantage of solar power, and the Costa Del Sol is a great bet for saving a fortune in energy expenses.

An innovative villa that pays its own bills

A pot of cash saved by being eco-friendly
Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

If you amortise the additional costs of building an energy-efficient home like Villa Ligera over a 20-year period, it works out cheaper than paying for on-grid electricity that’s mainly generated by burning fossil fuels.

Energy-efficient villas not only save our clients cash in the long run, they also afford them a comfortable house that’s well-insulated, draught free, warm in winter and cool in summer – not to mention the peace of mind that they’re doing their bit for the planet.

Eco Vida Homes has a wealth of experience in calculating these savings. Get in touch today to see the figures (available to sincere clients and kept behind a password in the interest of confidentiality) and discover how you can recover the initial investment of designing your modern Marbella villa with energy-efficiency at its core in as little as seven years.

Energy efficiency adds value to your villa

A villa on the Costa Blanca
Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

A carbon-neutral villa doesn’t just do away with expensive energy bills. Great energy ratings, solar power and electric car charging stations are high on the wish lists of future real estate investors. Making wise choices about how you build your villa now is likely to pay off down the line as your home’s value increases.

Building a new home from the ground up is one of the biggest investments you’ll make, so it stands to reason that getting the most for your money is a prime concern for the majority of our clients. While a sustainable home will certainly be a huge benefit to the environment, many overlook the personal financial benefit to making eco-friendly choices early on when it comes to building a villa in Spain.

Easy on the environment… and the housework

The dining area inside Villa Ligera
Photo: Facebook/Villa Ligera

Saving money on bills and boosting the value of a new property will light up the eyes of any Eco Vida Homes client. But on top of those perks, properly-designed villas can save their owners something infinitely more valuable: time.

You many have heard of “passive houses”, a movement towards building homes that require hardly any energy to make its owners comfortable. Typically, passive houses generate energy from solar, wind, geothermal and other natural sources to completely avoid the need to burn fossil fuels. But passive houses can be very difficult to achieve when your main objective is a luxury villa that has all the convenience of a home connected to the grid.

In fact, if such a concept existed, Marbella’s Villa Ligera could be considered an “active house” because it’s full of labour-saving, comfort-inducing devices while making no compromises on its commitment to saving energy – it’s still carbon zero! And the modern conveniences don’t end there…

Modern Marbella villas eyeing the future of comfort and security

Nest thermostat
Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

Smart technologies are appealing to the modern home owner because of how easy it is to control every aspect of your house’s functionality, from optimal temperature to appliances that run like clockwork.

Features like these that are built first and foremost for convenience only add to the huge energy savings. When your home is configured to your own unique preferences, there’s zero wasted energy because it doesn’t have to work any harder than it needs to in order to keep you comfortable.

And again, smart homes are one of the top-requested features for people looking for real-estate in Marbella, not only because of the high-end security systems they typically come with, but the serious money that they save.

Efficient light fixtures look great and drive energy bills down

Villa Aurora LED bathroom lighting
Photo: Villa Aurora

Nothing says “luxury villa” like beautifully recessed LED lighting, and it just so happens to be one of the most energy-efficient ways to light a home.

Installing LEDs to light your home makes for bulbs with a much longer lifespan (60,000 hours on average) that burn through far less energy (LED lights are around 90% more efficient than the old standard ones).

LEDs like those in Villa Aurora (pictured) are safer as they don’t burn as hot and require less maintenance – two qualities anyone designing a luxury home would want as standard. And there are far more choices Eco Vida Homes can help you make that shine a light on just how friendly eco-choices and opulence are.

Beautiful natural materials are trending right now

Natural materials in bathroom design
Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

While this might seem like a relatively modern approach to villa construction, sourcing natural materials locally is the way it was always done before the international shipping of cost-effective resources.

Natural elements are a hot feature for Marbella villas in 2021 as materials like stone and wood not only reduce your carbon footprint, they’re also a huge selling point.

Feeling the Earth’s natural resources all around you in your home can bring a sense of calm that flat-pack furniture never will. And that’s just the villa itself – outside is where owners really reap the rewards of an eco-home.

Greener homes deliver the goods for foodies

Growing tomatoes in an eco-friendly garden
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

What could be more luxurious than the freshest fruit, vegetables and herbs straight from your own garden to your plate?

There is plenty of land for sale in Marbella that can accommodate an organic garden as well as a villa, and it can also be designed so they don’t require constant care, saving tons of water – not to mention gardening work!

And if you’re looking to go all-out on your green surroundings, roof gardens and walls harness the power of the Earth to keep your villa cool in summer and warm in winter – and they look incredible while they’re doing it.

Truly luxurious Marbella villas simply insist on energy efficiency

The demand for environmentally-conscious homes is on the rise not only in hotspots like Marbella, but all around the world.

The main driver behind climate change that threatens our civilisation is the burning of fossil fuels, so hiring a talented architect based in Marbella that can cut your environmental impact is a huge weight off your conscience.

But it’s time to let go of the idea that you have to sacrifice the home you’ve always dreamed of to lower your carbon footprint and accept that energy-efficiency is there to enhance your lifestyle, not restrict it.

Ready to start work designing the villa of your dreams with environmental considerations built in from the outset? Contact us today for a no-obligation chat about what your modern villa in Marbella might look like.

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