New Villa Design Casares Costa

Our clients are a professional couple from South Africa and Holland. The plot is located on the Urbanizacion Majestic Estate near Casares Costa between Estepona and Sotogrande. The building licence application is in (Step 3) and we have started on the execution project (Step 4).

The budget is tight and so our clients are concerned about every detail and are making sure they make informed decisions about the finishes. Some things are worth paying for such as the absence of pillars in the living room so that it is uninterrupted. This will means spending more on the structure. As we have said “there will be no Italian marble floor tiles” but they should be able to have everything they want so long as they make the “budget” decision on most things.

I think it will be a beautiful home. The internal layout and spaces have been thought through in detail. There are sea views from the second floor, privacy. Our clients are building a well laid out and well orientated villa. The estate in general will improve in the coming years. They are close to the beaches. The climate is perfect. I think the value of their asset will far exceed everything they have spent on it.

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