Designing the Optimal Solar Orientation of Your Villa in Spain

Solar Orientation Spanish Villa

The angle at which the sun’s rays hit your home varies during the day and from season to season. It can have a big effect on your heating / cooling costs and on the overall sense of comfort your home gives you. It should be studied in conjunction with the layout and function of the rooms and outside spaces, the window placement, the insulation / thermal mass, and heating and cooling systems. Getting this right is a big part of designing a comfortable energy efficient home.

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Space Heating and Cooling With Heat Pumps

Space Heating and Cooling Heat Pump

With space heating and cooling accounting for 70% of domestic energy requirements heat pumps have fast become the darling of the energy efficient housing industry. Take space heating and cooling out of the equation and you’re way on the way to a zero carbon home. Heat pumps use the time proven refrigeration cycle that weContinue reading

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