Green Building Accreditation Systems Explained

Green Building Acreditation

There are many different organisations around the world who offer green building accreditations. These are independent rating systems that measure the building’s “green” credentials against closely defined criteria. The mains ones are Breeam (UK), Leed (USA), DGNB (Germany) and CASBEE (Japan). In Spain we use the Spanish version of the Green Building Council which isContinue reading

On Site Sewage and Waste Water Management

On site waste water mangement Spain

What are our options if we are off the main sewerage system? With all these options we must bear in mind that the regulations in Spain are increasingly strict and the authorities may want to have a great deal of detail about the drainage arrangements. In all cases the appropriate solution will be limited byContinue reading

Biomass Heating Systems

Biomass fuel pellets

As the price of fossil fuels jump to record highs and climate change focusses people’s attention on CO2 neutral fuels biomass heating systems are increasingly popular and effective. Biomass is organic material which has stored solar energy in plants from sunlight in the process of photosynthesis. Biomass fuels in Spain include fun things like oliveContinue reading

Energy Efficient Homes in Spain – Less Is More

“Things need to be as simple as possible but no simpler “ Albert Einstein

The misconception that energy efficient buildings will cost more to build is almost impossible to shift. Most people in this area seem to miss the point. For the most part energy efficiency in the home isn’t about technical solutions such as wind turbines, photovoltaic, heat pumps and the like. There’s a danger that these gadgetsContinue reading

In the Heat of Summer: passive cooling in Spain

Passive cooling Spain

It’s spring! Jackets are put away and terrace cafes are filling up. Soon the covers for the swimming pools will be removed and children are counting down to the school holidays as Spain prepares itself for the summer season. Right now we all enjoy the temperature with doors and windows open and lots of lovelyContinue reading

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