Europe’s Buildings: Energy Performance Today and Tomorrow

Europe's Buildings: Energy Performance

As a part of the European Sustainable Energy week, April 13th the conference ‘Europe’s Buildings: Energy Performance Today and Tomorrow‘ takes place in Brussels. Here members of the European Commission’s Concerted Action will discuss with the European stakeholders the plans and challenges lying ahead as Europe moves towards a greater obtaining a greater stock ofContinue reading

World Renewable Energy Congress 2011- Sweden

World Renewable Energy Congress

The World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC) is an international scientific conference that provides an excellent opportunity for discussion and knowledge exchange for scientists, policy-makers, engineers and other specialists with an interest in issues related to renewable energy. WREC 2011 will take place in Linköping, Sweden during May 8-13, 2011. The Congress is hosted by LinköpingContinue reading

4th Nordic Passive House Conference

Passive House Conference

PHN11 Helsinki conference is the 4th conference in the Nordic series of seminars on passive houses. The first conference was held in Trodheim (Norway) 2008, the second in Gothenburg (Sweden) 2009 and the third in Aalborg (Denmark) 2010. The themes for PHN11 are based on the conclusions from the Aalborg conference. 4th Nordic Passive HouseContinue reading

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2011

EU Sustainable Energy Week

April 11-15 2011 is the official EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW). This is a yearly event focusing on how we can reduce energy consumption and increase the use of sustainable energy sources. Brussels is the centre of the event with conferences and event ceremonies taking place. However there are activities taking place all over Europe.Continue reading

Architecture for Humanity Helps 81,000

Architecture For Humanity

Architecture for Humanity just posted their 2010 Year In Review “In 2010 over 81,000 people benefited directly from our work – not just inspired or influenced by the power of good design – but actually living, healing, learning or working in structures designed and constructed by our teams of building professionals. http://architectureforhumanity.org/updates/2010-12-26-2010-year-in-review Check out theirContinue reading

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