Green Building Push in Andalucia

All new buildings and industries in Andalucía will have to obtain a certificate of efficient energy usage, under a new decree which intends to find savings of 400,000 tons of petrol over seven years.
Green Building Push in Andalucia

Regional Councillor for Economy, Antonio Ávila, said the decree fixes concrete objectives and times for the installation of constructive and efficient systems, and for the use of renewable energy, as well as making use of biogas generated in residue centres.

A certificate will have to be obtained before construction of the building and citizens will have access to information on the energy efficiency of the building. The certificates will have a duration of ten years.

In addition the Junta’s buses and vehicles will start to use bio fuels.

In Granada they already are and, following them on a bicycle, a guff of fish n chip smell is preferable to a guff of diesel fuels, even if a little novel.