Solar energy in Spain: Can you sell electricity back to the grid?

The sun tax Spain

After making the decision to build a home that generates its own solar energy in Spain, it’s important to plan out your system to make sure your home is comfortable year-round. Once you’ve achieved a carbon-zero home, chances are you’ll have some surplus electricity on your hands and you might be wondering if you canContinue reading

Repeal of the Sun Tax Likely: Thank goodness for common sense!

sun tax PV panels

My wife is Spanish and in the interests of matrimonial harmony we have a rule which is you are never allowed to say “that would never happen in……(Spain / Britain)”. As I am sure you can imagine there are times when we are both challenged by this so please forgive me if I use my blog to let off steam and to say here what I can’t say at home. The sun tax idea is, and I choose my words carefully, the sun tax is ….

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