Facts at a glance
  • Location: Urbanización "Carib-Playa" (Marbella, Málaga)
  • Built Area: 136 M²
  • Plot Area: 593 M²
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Reception rooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 4

The building is practically self-sufficient in electricity and an Energy Certificate Rating A which is still uncommon in Spain.

Photovoltaic Panels mounted on the pitched roof produce all the electricity needed for under floor heating and air conditioning and all mod cons.

The villa is on-grid as our clients believed this is important for the value of their asset. It also provides peace of mind if they have an influx of visitors say at Christmas. Everyone will be able to have a shower.

The heat produced by the air conditioning is recycled into the hot water system. Our clients decided not to have solar hot water. The reasoning behind this decision is that with solar hot water you get the most hot water in the summer which is when you least need it. What you need in the summer is electricity for air conditioning. They have plenty of that and its all free. The sunnier it is outside the more free air conditioning they can have. There is enough sun in the winter anyway to produce all the electricity they need for hot water they need.

The kitchen is fitted with all mod cons.

There is a pitched timber frame roof that adds texture and character to the villa.

As there is limited space for the garden and swimming pool a lot of thought has been given to the design of the outside spaces. In Spain it is the shaded outside spaces, in front of the view where you have your beer or sip you coffee, that are the most valuable part of the home. As one client said to us. “my home starts at the front gate we need to design the whole space as one”.

There is a fire pit for the balmy evenings. Private first floor balconies for the sea views shaded terraces and gardens.

The swimming pool abuts the house. We joked you can jump out of the kitchen window into the pool if you like. In the end this became a fixed window so it is grandchildren proofed. The swimming pool has a swim jet installed.