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Paint A Picture of What Life Can Be like
The heart of the house is where the family and friends gather round to talk, have a drink, and maybe share the preparation of the food. It’s the kitchen island. Beside the kitchen island you can look out across the infinity pool to the Mediterranean framed by the wooded valley of El Madroñal. The children are playing in the pool.

It’s like one space, the pool terrace and the kitchen living area, because the glass wall disappears completely. The shade is carefully calibrated so that the kitchen –living room never gets direct sunlight. It never overheats. So for most of the year the whole area can be enjoyed as one space with a cool breeze blowing inland from the sea.

Even in the winter with the glass wall closed it still feels like one space because of the uninterrupted span and the seamless floor tiles.

The design is something that inherently flows from the lifestyle it offers to its occupants. The elements form a collective built out of the location, the views, and the immediate surroundings that make it a special place to live in and call home.

The Story
This villa is our client’s lifestyle transformation home. They are an international couple. He is Irish, head of sustainability at an international property company. She is from the North of Spain. They have been living in Australia for ten years. And now they want to build the forever family home and raise the children in Spain.

Based on our research and video reports our clients actually negotiated the price and put a deposit down on the plot while living in Australia and before having seen it. Happily when they did see it for the first time thye said it was even better than he expected.

The simplest solution would be to have the villa facing East across the valley. But our clients wanted the villa to face the views. So we turned it around and had it take steps down the slope to comply with the building regulations. The building is no more than two stories high at any one point.

Clean lines, black and white and glass, modernist but not minimalist was our brief.

The uninterrupted 11 metre span in the ground floor living area beside the pool was a key part of our client’s vision. We achieved it with a strengthened lintel above and full length glass panel doors that slide effortlessly into pockets on either side.

There is a “secret” wine cellar created out of the space between the house and the rock wall. Our clients saw the space during construction, loved the texture of the rock, and asked if they could keep the room as the perfect place to keep their wine collection. It’s a totally enclosed cave with no natural light. The bare rock will be lit up. It will have a small bar. It will be beautifully cool in summer.

There were quite a few iterations as we resolved the problem of where to enter the property and where to park and how to stay within budget. Parking is now on the roof.

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