Villa Aurora is the new family home of a beautiful family from Sweden: a couple with two young children. They will wake up every day to the beautiful sunrise facing East across the Mediterranean. Inside and outside the property has been finished to their meticulous standards.

About our client

Our client is a senior executive with one of Spain’s largest property developers. This was a private speculative development that he financed himself. Eco Vida Homes was able to provide him with the professional services and support he needed to make it a financial success and also to transform the lifestyles of the young family from Sweden who ended up owning the villa.

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Villa Aurora Walking Tour
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The Villa Aurora story

Javier (not his real name) certainly knew what he was doing when it came to evaluating land for a home build – and when he discovered the plot in El Madroñal, he was sure this was the perfect spot for his development.

As soon as the legal wrangling was taken care of, Eco Vida Homes got to work assessing the financial risks of the build and helping Javier negotiate a great price for the plot.

It was located in the right spot in an up-market gated community. The price seemed right, the lot size filling a gap in the market, but before proceeding with the purchase we had to help him with some serious risk evaluation. The sloped plot faced south-west, but the gorgeous views were to the south-east…

Eco Vida Homes’ head architect Domingo Cardenas solved the design problems while keeping a lid on the costs and providing a villa that has all the qualities the market was looking for.

He designed the villa so it was facing in the right direction, ensuring that whoever moved into Villa Aurora would have breathtaking views to compliment the beautifully-designed home.

Javier soon found a young family from Sweden who fell in love with the villa and agreed to buy it when it was 75% complete. This meant we could work with them to finish the villa with the fixtures and fittings of their choosing.

The home not only has incredible sea views, but also a rooftop kitchen that allows the family to make breakfast as the sun rises over the Mediterreanean.

Key features of the villa

Sizzling sunset

Watching Netflix while you cook is fine for some. But when you’re in charge of the design, why not have mother nature herself serve as the backdrop to your culinary creations?

Private screening

Nothing says luxury like inviting a few friends over for dinner before retiring to watch the latest blockbuster in your own home cinema. What’s showing? It’s up to you!

Going up?

With rooftop dining, a basement cinema and car park, this family are moving between floors on a regular basis – so an elevator in the house was a must.

4 Natural wonder

Building your own villa means you can be picky about the location, as well as the landscape that comes with it. Villa Aurora was built next to a beautiful, old cork tree, a feature that makes the whole development feel at one with nature.

With Eco Vida Homes you are in charge of the design. Our job is to make your vision a reality.

Full Cost Analysis Available: (not published here to protect our client’s privacy). If you contact me then, with our client’s permission I may be able to let you see a full cost analysis so you can compare with your own project.


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