Green roofs in Spain: How they benefit the environment and your health

Green roofs in Spain not only look incredible, but they can also go a long way to keeping your energy-efficient home comfortable.

It’s why building a living roof garden is becoming an increasingly popular practice for eco-conscious homeowners – especially in Spain.

Here are Eco Vida Homes’ eight persuasive reasons why green roofs in Spain are a good investment for your home.

1. Green roofs provide very effective thermal insulation

Plants, grass and shrubbery are truly some of the best materials for insulating your home in Spain.

Green roofs are more eco-friendly compared to other insulation materials, and because they’re so effective, they can work out less expensive over time due to the energy savings.

2. You can achieve better sound insulation with a green roof

Your home is your castle, so keeping it free of noise pollution should be at the top of your list of priorities when building a house in Spain.

A natural landscape on your rooftop works as an acoustic muffler so unwelcome sounds are locked out.

3. High durability: Green roofs in Spain protect the structure

Green roofs in Spain can actually feature any colour you like

Your home’s insulation and structure need to be kept safe from the weather, and a good roof will always do that.

But green roofs can safeguard your home from the elements even further by providing an extra level of protection for the damp proof membrane.

4. Provide a habitat for birds and insects

A bird in a tree

An architect in Spain that can blend your house design into its environment is worth their weight in gold. But going the extra mile by inviting wildlife to nest on your roof will make your home truly at one with nature.

Building a roof terrace in Spain allows you to enjoy the natural area even more as you sunbathe to the sound of birdsong.

5. Eco roofs improve local air quality

Instead of building a home that negatively impacts the environment, why not put it to work to solve the pollution problem?

A green roof can feature trees and plants that not only look nice, but will actually replenish the oxygen in the air. In fact, a study by the University of Seville concluded that green roofs could be a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change.

6. Absorb and store rainwater for your rooftop garden

When it rains heavily, the water leaves a standard roof via gutters before making its way into the urban drainage system.

Green roofs can sustain themselves by storing water that can later be used to hydrate the plants.

7. Green roofs in Spain absorb heat from the sun

Some areas in Spain are particularly susceptible to the heat island effect, caused by buildings and roads absorbing the sunshine.

Bringing a natural landscape to your roof can cool the area down without exerting any more energy in the process.

8. Building a roof terrace in Spain is good for your health

A green roof terrace in Spain

There is a growing body of evidence that visual and physical contact with natural greenery provides a range of health benefits, including stress relief and cleaner lungs.

Post-surgery recovery studies have shown patients get better quicker if they can look out onto green spaces. In Germany, the roof of a post office in Stuttgart was greened, leading to a dramatic drop in absenteeism due to sickness compared to neighbouring blocks with conventional roofs.

Are you ready to upgrade to a living roof? Get in touch to discuss how Eco Vida Homes can evaluate your roof – or help build your home in Spain with a green roof designed into it from the ground up.

Author: John Wolfendale
Bio: John is a founder of Eco Vida and is passionate about bringing modern design and construction practices to Spain. He believes a home that is warm in winter and cool in summer is largely a matter of design and selective use of materials. He is British and a Chartered Surveyor with 20 years experience living and working in Spain.

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